Baked Egg Cupcakes

Baked Egg Cupcakes

  • Servings: 9
  • Difficulty: easy
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Eggs aren’t a favorite food of mine, but my family enjoys them. And since I have little ones, I wanted to do something that was different from the usual scrambled eggs. I wanted to create something that would ignite a different level of excitement in their eyes and fill their bellies with wonder. So, I grabbed my muffin tin, some muffin cups, a few eggs and additional ingredients, and whipped up a small batch of baked egg cupcakes that I was confident they would enjoy. Scroll down for the magic!


5 eggs
Salt (to your taste)
Black pepper (to your taste)
Garlic powder (to your taste)
1 tbsp chopped green/red bell pepper
1 stalk scallions
1/2 shredded cheddar cheese blend (optional)


Preheat oven to 350. Line muffin tin with 9 muffin cups. Crack and season eggs Pour into muffin cups and place into the oven for 25 minutes. Remove and turn off oven. Serve with choice of bacon, and/or toast. ENJOY!