Lola’s Kitchen

Nestled in the heart of Ottawa, Lola’s Kitchen
specializes in cuisine from the Philippines.

For much of my life, I’ve been a picky eater. I’ve eaten
mainly food from my culture as well as other’s that I was
introduced to at an early age.
Many of my friends are adventurous with their food
choices, but I’ve always
remained “safe,” because of my pickiness. But this weekend,
I stepped out of my comfort zone, and tried Filipino food.
It was FANTASTIC! And I HIGHLY recommend you try it if
you haven’t already.
(A testament from the “picky” eater)
From their humble beginnings, Lola’s Kitchen has maintained
it’s goal to provide traditional Filipino flavors and experience
to the people in the Ottawa community.
While everything on the menu sounded good, it was their
Dinner for Two platter that caught my eye because it featured
many of the things I enjoy. Beef. Chicken. Garlic fried rice.
The anticipation leading up to receiving my order actually had
my mouth watering.
It was as though I could taste the blend of herbs and spices
used to create the beautiful creation that had been presented to me.
Before packaging my order, the owner (pictured left), presented
and explained to me what each item was. The platter came with
Beef Tapa, which was beautifully seasoned, and gave off an aroma
similar to that of Jamaican Oxtail.
Next in line in the platter was the garlic fried rice, which like
the beef, was out of this world.
I’ve eaten fried rice before, heck, I’ve attempted to make my own,
but none of which compared to what I devoured Saturday evening.
Every bite was better than the last.
And when it was done, my thought was that I wanted my more.
The chicken was just how I like it; fall of the bone and tender.
There was a sweetness to it that meshed well with the garlic from
the rice and the herbs used to season the beef. Everything mixed
together was like a party in my mouth. But the best part of
this experience, was that my family too, enjoyed this dining adventure.
To learn more about how you can join them on their journey, click
the button below and ENJOY!