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Sweet Potato Coconut Muffins

Sweet Potato Coconut Muffins

  • Servings: 18
  • Difficulty: easy
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So, this was a day where I might have been a bit too ambitious. LOL! Recently I bought a bag of sweet potatoes, and I was getting down to the last few, but didnt know what to do with them. I knew I didn’t want to have anymore for dinner, so I elected to try putting them in a muffin mixture. While they tasted good, I just wasn’t overly satisfied with the final result; which is why I haven’t provided a recipe. The thing these muffins are lacking is the sweet potato taste; instead, they tasted more like carrot muffins. I think I may have pinpointed the reason for that, so I will attempt to make these again at a later date. For now, scroll down and enjoy the photos. 😉


Still testing. Ingredients to be shared at a later date!
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