Hey there! I’m Tovia. Food lover. Blogger.
Mom to pint-sized folks. Writer.

I am also the creator of For Food Sake! I am passionate about cooking and jazzing up meals that excite me, my family, and hopefully they’ll excite you too.

Since 2018, I’ve been documenting + chronicling my cooking style and learning different ways of adding a new spark to the simplest meals.

Prior to starting this blog, I was (still am) working full time, just going about my day, clocking in and clocking out, leading the same mundane routine day after uneventful day.

I have always enjoyed cooking, but it wasn’t until after the births of my children, that the passion for it ignited in me.

Over the years, it has become less about cooking for the sake of cooking, and more about cultivating an art that I hope provides encouragement and inspiration.

I’ll be posting about different things. Below, I’ve shared a few highlights and some personal faves. Enjoy!

Spinach and tomato Alfredo pasta with baked salmon

Baked breakfast egg cupcakes